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Creative Portfolio

These creative works represent a passion for furthering knowledge and research in various fields while spreading cultural awareness. Destinovate is dedicated to transforming emerging destinations into thriving tourism hubs, utilizing technologies like HubSpot and OpenAI GPT. The U.S. Tourism Overlay Bureau (USTOB) aims to revolutionize travel exploration across the United States through web development, powered by MySQL, PHP, and AI technologies.

Destination Marketing

Destinovate Destinovate is your partner in transforming emerging destinations into thriving tourism hubs. This service specializes in innovative tourism product development, empowering small towns, rural communities, and emerging destinations to attract more visitors, boost revenue, and foster sustainable growth. With services ranging from asset inventory to digital infrastructure planning, Destinovate is your key to unlocking your destination's full potential, backed by expertise, objectivity, industry connections, and cost-effective solutions. Join us in crafting a brighter future for your destination.

Technologies Used:

HubSpot, OpenAI GPT, Dream AI by WOMBO, WebCollab, SMTP2GO, Google Docs

Web Development

U.S. Tourism Overlay Bureau (USTOB) USTOB is on a mission to revolutionize travel exploration in the United States, empowering travelers with a seamless resource that offers captivating points of interest. The vision for USTOB is to become the leading AI-powered DMO infrastructure, guiding travelers to enchanting landmarks, promoting local communities, and fostering responsible exploration. This project aims to make every journey remarkable, consistent, and delightful while championing fairness and inclusion in the world of travel.

Technologies Used:

MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Gzip caching, OpenAI GPT

Graphic Design

AllCityMetro AllCityMetro is your destination for a vibrant collection of over 7000 designs inspired by cities, towns, and iconic landmarks across the United States. Explore a wide range of products, including t-shirts, stickers, stationery, wall art, and home decor, all showcasing the beauty and diversity of American urban and rural landscapes. Discover unique, city-inspired creations that celebrate your favorite places and bring a touch of local charm to your life.

Technologies Used:

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Dream AI by WOMBO, OpenAI GPT

Desktop Publishing

Osmikan Culinary Osmikan Culinary is a captivating series of cookbooks available on Amazon that goes beyond the kitchen, offering readers a cultural journey with each recipe. From the spices of Laos to the flavors of the Middle East, these cookbooks are a delicious passport to diverse cuisines worldwide, providing not only recipes but also rich cultural insights, fostering a deeper appreciation for global culinary traditions. Explore the world, one dish at a time, with Osmikan Culinary.

Technologies Used:

Adobe InDesign, OpenAI GPT, Dream AI by WOMBO

Drama & Theatre

The Chamber The Chamber is an immersive collaborative storytelling endeavor, delving into the intricacies of destination marketing within the enchanting realm of the Missouri Ozarks. This project unites a team of writers, creatives, and visionaries in an endeavor to coalesce their talents, fashioning an evocative and genuine narrative. The narrative unfolds through a dynamic interplay of prose, enhanced by the collaborative capabilities of GitHub's commits and pull requests, a method typically reserved for coding, now ingeniously adapted to the realm of written artistry.

Technologies Used:

GitHub, Markdown, OpenAI GPT

Creative Storytelling

Travel Libs Travel Libs is a creative and entertaining GitHub repository inspired by the classic Mad Libs game, but with an exciting twist! This innovative project aims to celebrate the diverse tapestry of America's cities and towns by integrating popular storylines with key points of interest, turning each narrative into a vibrant, immersive adventure. Stories can be read on GitHub or downloaded as a synthesized audiobook using Synthesys ultra-lifelike voices encoded in the Opus audio format. Explore genres including adventure, mystery, comedy and more.

Technologies Used:

GitHub, Markdown, OpenAI GPT, Opus Audio, Synthesys Speech Synthesis

Google Maps Local Guide

Adding photos and reviews to Google Maps serves as a visual and experiential guide for prospective travelers, offering them valuable insights into destinations, accommodations, and attractions. This user-generated content not only builds trust but also enhances a location's online presence, ultimately attracting more visitors and bolstering tourism growth. During my time on the platform, I have amassed over 18 million views across over 1,200 photos.

Badges Earned:

✨ Level 7 Local Guide
📸 Master Photographer
📝 Master Reviewer

Blog Articles

In this section, I delve into the fascinating intersection of travel, smart cities, IoT, AI, and web developmentā€”a convergence poised to shape the trajectory of my career in the next decade. Join me on this exploration of cutting-edge technologies and their transformative potential in the world of urban innovation and travel experiences.

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